My clarinets are based on careful examinations of surviving eighteenth and nineteenth century instruments, my experience playing a few of these originals and the needs of today’s historical clarinetists.

I have visited collections throughout Europe and in North America to measure and study the most important instruments. My goal as a builder is to produce new instruments as much in the tradition of the pioneering clarinet makers as I possibly can.

By combining my experience playing originals and copies with studious measurements of many museum instruments I aim to produce instruments which have the spirit and feel of originals with excellent intonation at the pitches current historical musicians need.

I have focused my research on the instruments of Vienna, especially those by Theodor Lotz, and Raymond Griesbacher and the important German makers August Grenser and Griessling & Schlott.

I use European boxwood, natural horn and brass for all my clarinets.

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