Theodor Lotz was a professional clarinetist, bassoonist, violist and band leader before he turned to instrument making. He revolutionized the classical clarinet and founded a distinct school of clarinet making in Vienna. The basset clarinets (and basset horn of similar design) that he built for Anton Stadler were singular instruments. While several Lotz basset horns with the familiar bent shape have survived, only a single clarinet in B-flat remains. No clarinets in A or C have survived. My basset horn and B-flat clarinet are copies based on original Lotz instruments. The clarinet in A is based on the original Lotz in B-flat and an A clarinet by his student, Kaspar Tauber. The exterior design of the basset clarinet lower joint and bent barrel are based on existing instruments by Strobach and a basset horn by Braun, both of which resemble the likeness of Stadler’s instrument from the famous Riga poster. The clarinet in C is based on the original B-flat clarinet and instruments in C by Griesbacher and Merklein.