Prices include sales taxes (VAT, MwSt, BTW, etc.). Payment by Bank Transfer or PayPal (3% surcharge). I guarantee workmanship and materials for a period of two years from delivery.


Soprano Chalumeau: €950

Alto Chalumeau: €975

Tenor Chalumeau: €1150

Bass Chalumeau: €1600


Baroque Clarinet in D after Scherer. Two keys: €2225

Late Baroque Clarinet in C after Rockobauer. Three keys: €2400

Early Classical Clarinet in A, B-flat or C after August Grenser. Four keys: €2700; Five keys: €2800

Classical or Romantic Clarinet in A, B-flat or C after T. Lotz, R. Griesbacher, I. Merklein, Griessling & Schlott, and H. Grenser.

Five keys: €2900; Six keys: €3050; Seven keys: €3175; Eight keys: €3300; Nine keys: €3425; Ten keys: €3600; Eleven keys: €3800; Twelve keys: €3950

Basset Clarinet in A or B-flat after T. Lotz. Nine keys: €4675

Basset Horn in F after T. Lotz. Eight keys: €4775

Straight Basset Horn in F based on instruments by T. Lotz, J. Hammig and historical evidence of Stadler’s basset horn. Eight keys: €4900; Fourteen keys: €5775